There are a lot of funding sources: parents, part or full-time jobs, high interest personal and business loans, scholarships, grants, and outright gifts. All of these come with some sort of "repayment" obligations. Some might be embarrassing to seek, some out of reach, some improbable. These uncertainties add to the "pressure" and often stand in the way of accomplishment.


To be sure, reaching  a worthwhile goal requires determination, hard work, physical and mental difficulties, an ability to overcome adverse peer pressure, an ability to maneuver  through personal differences with parties in charge, and usually having access to ample funds.


There are big changes coming down the line. Many jobs that were available just a few years ago have disappeared due to technology, changes in business practices, and even obsolescence.

Career choices are becoming less obvious. Trades, for instance are becoming more prevalent. Trade schools turn out skilled workers in one eighth of the time that colleges produce degrees. Trade schools produce workers that are needed. Therefore graduates are usually immediately employed, have adequate salaries, and importantly have secured the coveted "seniority." College graduates with nebulous degrees are having more difficult times securing positions, even those positions that need additional training.  It's the old problem: they won't hire you without experience and you can't get experience if you can't get hired. And many are strapped with high student educational debt.


Right this very moment is the time to assess your career goals and decide how you are going to reach them - right now! Career minded people should spend time researching the present and future job market. Make a decision, make a plan and follow that plan. Decision makers progress towards a goal. Sure, you might have to adjust from time to time, but during it all you will be making progress, learning about the field that you have chosen, and understanding if and why you might have to make adjustments. 


It's the decision that counts. Employers want people who can make decisions. They usually understand that some decisions are wrong decisions and they accept that because they know that a decisive person and the mistakes that they make provide experience, mostly yield good, profitable decisions down the line.


It might be a good idea to first settle on a plan to secure funding for your education before embarking on your selected vocation.  We've mentioned that technology has eliminated a lot of present and future jobs. But technology has also created a lot of new jobs, some of them very lucrative. For instance, the methods of getting a product known to consumers is changing dramatically and promises continue to do so.


Normally a company must create the product and service, advertise it heavily to get it known, then pay commissions to sales people, usually picking up their related personal expenses. This is commonly referred to as the "cost of sales."  With the advent of technology, specifically the Internet, distribution methods  have changed allowing reductions in such "cost of sales." These changes have offered a unique opportunity. Companies can reduce costs by making agreements with people to help them introduce their product. People familiar with the opportunities that the Internet provides can make good, often excellent money by helping these companies sell their product.


The interesting part is that "consumers" accesses the Internet at their own convenience, and the Internet is available 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.  Since information remains in the "cloud" until a demand from an interested consumer accesses it, the Internet "Marketer" can "place" that information  on the "Web" at his convenience.


The National Automobile Dealers Association, (NADA) advises that over 90% of all car sales start on the Internet. This method is quickly become the main source of product sales.  Ebay has sold over a million automobiles, sight unseen. Automobiles, vacations, homes and businesses, investments, insurance, you name it, are all being sold over the Internet. And the marketplace is vast: it's the entire world! Simple language translation software, especially Googe Translate makes international marketing available to everyone.


First, the internet "Marketer" never has to speak to the consumer as all advertising and sales are completed through a "distributor" website - "on line." The Marketer simply directs the buyer to the proper website.

Second, the product originator pays high commissions to the marketer when the sale is made. He can pay higher commissions because he has eliminated advertising costs and eliminates the incidental expenses normally paid to a salesman. In short, he makes and banks his profit before having to pay any commissions.

Third, the Marketer can "post" the offer on the internet at his own convenience meaning that he adheres to no preset hours.

Fourth, with just a little bit of training a system can be set up to run automatically requiring limited effort. This means that a system can be set up to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can produce revenues randomly during that time. Need more cash? Just increase the numbers of people introduced to the product, increase the number of times the introduction is made, and select offers that pay higher commissions

Fifth, the Marketer can post his information on the internet from anywhere that has Internet access. He can do it from home, in the school cafeteria, at the library, the school's provided study areas - at a restaurant or book shop . . . anywhere. This means there is no extra time wasted commuting to a specific designated location. This means that no office expenses are incurred nor are employees needed.

Sixth, the Internet is free and so are most of the elements needed effect a lucrative Internet based income.

Seventh, the training, if one needs it, is readily available, usually free to a large extent, or reasonably priced. Everything you need to know is on YouTube!  It's presented mostly for free. Beware of the affiliate marketing gurus. Most offer just enough information to entice you to buy their "get rich fast" training courses. These "gurus" write their own training programs put them with a company that sell them and pays the seller a commission. In short these guys make their profits by selling their own products. Read more and you'll find links to several companies that will provide all the training that you will need for free, make profitable products for you to introduce, provide all of the customer follow-up so that you won't have to keep track of your commissions, pay you regularly, and keep you abreast of new products and trends. Why will they do that? Because they need you to make money so that they can make money. Don't forget they get a commission on everything you sell! They want you to succeed!

Eight, since the Internet is so large, there are unlimited consumers world-wide. There are unlimited products and services available, so there is virtually no competition.


A Marketer could be up and making some money in 30 to 90 days, good or even great money in 6 months. Since not all of your educational expenses are paid up front, payments can be made as the funds are received.

Do it right and you can have an unlimited income opportunity and the time and the where-with-all to pursue and acquire lofty dreams. If you didn't eventually get the career of your dreams, for whatever reason, you'd still have a "wealth" of experience and unlimited earning opportunity via the Internet. (Think of it as a "back-up plan," "Plan B," with money in your bank account)


A college education is essential if you are pursuing a career that demands it. Tuition, books and supplies, room and board, if you need it, can run $20,000 per year or about $80,000 total . . . give or take. Entry level jobs in most industries start at somewhere about $600 - $800 per week or about $31,200 to $40,800 annually. The student loan paid over ten years forgetting interest takes over $8,000 per year or 20% or 25% of the annual salary.

Compare it. In Florida a welder just out of trade school is sometimes paid over $100,000 per year - six to seven month training. His education would cost on the average of about $10,000. He could easily repay a loan of $10,000 over two or three years using about 2% of his annual salary.


Do I believe in the opportunity? I'm a former Commercial pilot. I'm well over my flying age. I enjoy the aviation industry and whatever part I can play in it. I love the opportunity to help aspiring pilots pursue an airline career. Consider this: I am introducing you to an income opportunity, pilot or not. If you follow through and sign up with one of the product providing companies I present, using my special "link," or enroll in one of the schools that I present, or even buy a pair of aviation sunglasses as a result of this introduction, I get a commission. So, I can still spend my time in non-paying aviation activities and make money doing what I like, introducing aspiring pilots znd others to at least one way to fund a career. This process can and will work for you.


I'd suggest that you spend a few hours searching the Internet. Start with "Google" and search for " What are the types of Internet marketing?" Soon you'll run into the "gurus." Remember, the "gurus" want to sell you something, usually their own product. I suggest that you don't buy anything, just get an idea of the opportunities. Remember most product suppliers provide free training.


Consider how much time you spend commuting to your present or proposed job. My guess is that you'd spend at least 45 minutes each way, considering parking your vehicle and walking into your place of business. That would be 1.5 hours per day 5 days per week: 7.5 hours per week. I'd suggest doubling that time spending working on your Internet opportunity. Don't forget, you probably have weekends free, so dedicate some of your weekend time to your efforts. Remember the Internet is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year: always available.


There are at least seven full service companies that provide products to the Internet Marketer, assures that the proper commission is paid in a timely manner, keeps tabs on the information needed to introduce more products, and even offers training on how to profitably use their services.

All of the companies in the following list are free to join. I would suggest signing up with them one at a time and reviewing each services' pay plan, product or service offerings, training assistance, etc. And remember that if you sign up with any of these companies, I get a commission just as you will when you start your business.

(1) ClickBank

(2) Amazon

(3) Share-a Sale

(4) eBay Affiliate Program

(5) Commission Junction Affiliate Program

(6) AWeber Affiliate Program

(7) Shopify Affiliate Program

I find that Clickbank is the most versatile company. The products are all downloadable. This means that the entire process of the sale and collecting a commision can be done at your convenience at home or from anyplace in the world that has Internet. It can be done any time, any day, all at your convenience. It's done remotely and automatically.

If you would like to jumpstart your Internet marketing opportunity you might be interested in Clickbank University. It's paid training, but well worth it for beginners to generate an income in a shorter time.



Absolutely! I have been researching many Internet Marketers (Affiliates) and I have selected the one that I like best. His name is John Crestani. John has sold over a million dollars worth of products a year. John gives an abundnce of free information and also has paid training. His paid training is more advanced than ClickBank University and is targeted to those more savy with the Internet and some of the basic marketing features and skills.

If you earned just a fraction of what John has your earnings can provide ample income to fund your dreams and enjoy your lifestyle while spending very little time. 


Who knows, Internet Marketing may become your dream!

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